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Trees need removing for a number of different reasons.
May 2016

All trees have a finite lifespan and removal is the last option for when they cannot be pruned to reduce a hazard. Sometimes their root structure can overgrow and cause structural damage to a property and a removal is often a cheaper and quicker option than re-stumping.
A tree may need to be removed if it is dead, dying or diseased. A tree that is dropping limbs is also a major safety hazard and will need to be removed.
Some species are also noxious or undesirable and may warrant removal and some development applications also require the removal of trees.
If you live in a rural area, you may want to utilize our professional tree removal or vegetation clearing services. We can help you to protect your property against bush fires, a very real threat in our hot Australian summers.
When branches die, it is usually due to a lack of light, disease, pest damage or even root structure damage. If a tree is suffering from some form of disease or malnutrition, it is best to prune the tree back to a healthy state and let it re-grow from there.
Improving the safety of trees involves removing dead wood, structurally unsafe branches and improving the structural integrity of the tree by weight reduction pruning. Weight reduction pruning is a preventative measure that reduces the risk of limb failure by way of end weight reduction, particularly on lateral limbs.
Thinning the tree’s canopy allows more light to filter through which benefits the smaller trees and plants below. Thinning also increases air circulation through the canopy and reduces wind resistance or sail weight increasing the trees ability to handle strong winds. Thinning must be done selectively to maintain the structural integrity and should only be conducted by a minimum AQF Level 3 Arborist.

Tree Maintenance
February 2016

Good tree maintenance ensures:
• Improves health and vigor
• Maximizes visual appeal
• Assesses the risks of retaining the tree
• Extends the safe useful life expectancy
• Reduces the ongoing hazards associated 

Reasons to prune your trees:
• To remove dead and dying branches and maintain the tree’s shape, health and safety
• To ensure a strong framework for future growth and a single dominant stem.
• To increase the amount of light for grass and ground covering plants and to ensure you can site under a tree.
• To reduce bushfire hazards


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